Meet Our Team


2017 - 2018 Officers



Robert Capella

Robert Capella is a senior meteorology major with a minor in mathematics. From East Brunswick, NJ, he is enlisted in the PA Air National Guard as a weather observer and forecaster. His training focuses on aviation forecasting, with an emphasis on low-level helicopter operations. He frequently provides weather decision support services to National Guard leadership for major Pennsylvania events.

Robert’s meteorological interests include severe weather processes, aviation forecasting and microscale processes in complex terrain. Outside of coursework, Robert volunteers his time with the Student Veterans of America Millersville Chapter. He is a lead Campus Weather Service forecaster and competes in the WxChallenge. Off campus, he enjoys travelling, snowboarding, longboarding, bicycling and camping.  / (732) 407-5272



Vice President

Grant Carlton

Grant, from Perry County PA, is a junior Meteorology major at Millersville University minoring in both Mathematics and Emergency Management. In addition to AMS, Grant is involved in Weather Watch and Campus Weather Service as well as numerous music organizations at Millersville. He also can be found working as a Student Ambassador and an Orientation Leader for the University. Grant hopes to pursue a career in government, private sector, broadcast meteorology, or even education. He is excited for the 2017-18 year in AMS and is looking forward to all of the fun and incredible opportunities ahead.




Dominic Hernandez

My name is Dominic Hernandez and I am proud to be your AMS Treasurer for the 2017-18 school year. I am a senior meteorology major and you can usually find me in Caputo doing all sorts of activities. You may recognize me and your Secretary, Jan van der Veken, from our short-term broadcast video airing every Tuesday; or from our various shenanigans in the Weather Center.

Upon graduation, I have aspirations in joining our Air Force as a Weather Officer. In my free time I like to photograph clouds, learn about cool things with my friends, and play games whether they be physical or digital. I am a very organized individual so I look forward to bringing those skills to the board this year as we make our best efforts at AMS Chapter of the Year!




Jantje van der Veken

Hey guys, I am Jan van der Veken (come ask me how to say my name). I am a senior here at the Millersville University Meteorology program and I am your Secretary of the AMS for the 2017-2018 year. About myself: I am in the University Honors College and will be completing a thesis project through the meteorology department. I am fascinated by all things lightning and my research actually deals with a lightning climatology of the Millersville area. I love talking about weather and its physical complexities, so come talk to me if you have anything you think is unique and exciting and we can have some thoughtful discourse. Other activities I enjoy are exploring the outdoors, biking, making podcasts and good times with friends. I am so happy and excited to be serving you this year and I encourage anyone to come make friends with me so we can be weather buds!




Adam Weiner

Adam is a sophomore Meteorology major with minors in mathematics and emergency management at Millersville University. He is originally from Union County in northeast New Jersey, but moved to Newark, Delaware in 2011. Before coming to Millersville, Adam was very active in his high school as a stage manager for the musical and play productions; his other commitments included Science Olympiad, Math League, and National Honor Society. At Millersville, he is involved with the International Association of Emergency Managers Club, the University Honors College, Campus Weather Service, and WxChallenge. Adam also enjoys working at the Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center.

Adam's hobbies include piano, soccer, traveling, hiking, and hanging out with friends. His meteorological interests include severe weather forecasting, radar meteorology, and society's perception and interpretation of weather forecasts. He plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career at NOAA.




Tim Keebler

Tim is a junior meteorology major at Millersville minoring in Mathematics and Heliophysics and Space Weather. He participated in the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences, class of 2014, and worked with a student research team on high-temperature ceramic superconductivity. At Millersville, he is involved with the University Honors College, Submersible Research Team, and Campus Weather Service. Tim is interested in satellite and radar meteorology, and instrumentation. He hopes to someday find a career in space weather. His hobbies include model rocketry, geology, biking, and astronomy.



Faculty Advisor

Dr. Richard Clark

Ph.D. (Atmospheric Science) at University of Wyoming

ESCI 107 - The Atmosphere
ESCI 202 - The Earth in Space
ESCI 241 - Meteorology
ESCI 340 - Physical Meteorology
ESCI 341 - Atmospheric Thermodynamics
ESCI 440 - Space Weather and Environment
ESCI 446 - Statistical Meteorology
ESCI 447 - Meteorological Instrumentation
ESCI 448 - Boundary Layers and Turbulence

Boundary layer meteorology, lower tropospheric dynamics, and aircraft related experimental meteorology.