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Hello friends,

Welcome to the homepage of the Millersville University Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (MU-AMS)! We are entering our 33rd year as a Student Chapter of the AMS. Our chapter has grown significantly since its inception in 1986 and is consistently one of the largest student-run organizations at Millersville University. Involvement in MU-AMS is a powerful tool for establishing a personal and professional network that supplements the academic foundation. We strive to create a welcoming environment for students to meet friends, explore countless disciplines of meteorology, and give back to the local community.

MU-AMS begins each year with the highly successful Meteorology-Mentor Program. Incoming meteorology students are paired with enthusiastic upperclassmen who help guide them through their first semester at Millersville. The goal of the program is to have mentees build lasting friendships and have the confidence and resources to navigate their challenging undergraduate careers.

Our chapter evolves through a committee system and bi-weekly open officer meetings which give all members an opportunity to shape their organization. Throughout the year, our Speaker Series explores the various career opportunities available with an atmospheric science degree. Experts from the National Weather Service, academia, and other public and private industries join us on campus to share their specialized work within the field of atmospheric science. Frequently, members of the AMS chapter’s outreach committee visit local grade schools and introduce young students to the weather and climate. We also hold social events such as movie nights, fundraisers, and trips to local attractions and sporting events. In addition, students can receive funding for local and national conferences.

Annually, MU-AMS organizes a student-run Public Weather Awareness Day (PWAD), which has been an incredible success since its launch in 2009. This free family-friendly event hosts local and national organizations that volunteer time to educate the public. We also feature create-your-own green screen videos, weather experiments, a balloon launch, games, and crafts.

To close out the year, we celebrate graduating students and recognize those who go the extra mile for the meteorology program with our annual Russell L. DeSouza Banquet. We remember Dr. DeSouza for his renowned dedication to his students and for being instrumental in building our meteorology program at Millersville University.

My goal as the President is to ensure this organization serves our members, the university, and the surrounding community. For our members, providing resources and assistance to help them succeed is critical. For the university, disseminating weather information and interacting with students will raise awareness and help our peers become more weather-ready. For the surrounding community, visiting schools, engaging local businesses, and hosting our annual PWAD will maintain connections outside Millersville. If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to attend one of our weekly meetings, find me in the Weather Center, or send me an email. I intend for this year to be a memorable one for our members and your input is valued for the success of our chapter and your success as a student meteorologist.


Adam Weiner

President, 2019-2020


2019 - 2020 MU-AMS Members | Photo: Rhiannon Fleming

2019 - 2020 MU-AMS Members | Photo: Rhiannon Fleming



Student Spotlight

On April 6th, the AMS Chapter held its 11th Annual Public Weather Awareness Day in the Pucillo Gymnasium. This free public event, designed for children and families, offers a wide variety of weather activities, including student-run experiments, arts and crafts, balloon launches, and much more! Children and parents can experience how weather broadcasters create their forecasts in front of our very own green screen or take part in our weather balloon launches. Everyone can have a conversation with professionals from our diverse selection of vendors, including Accuweather, the National Weather Service, FEMA, WeatherWorks, and many others. This year, we added classroom presentations by professionals in the field; in particular, 203rd Weather Flight and WGAL's Joe Calhoun all discussed their careers and answered questions from children and parents alike. We plan to continue this new addition of presentations by professionals and hope you will join us next year at the 12th Annual Public Weather Awareness Day!



Activities & Involvement


The Met-Mentor program is a month-long program designed to welcome first-year students into the major and introduce them to the upperclassmen. The officers have worked hard to create a fun atmosphere by putting together numerous social events to show the new students the area around Millersville, as well as familiarizing them with the campus. Mentors for the program include the six officers of the MU-AMS and upperclassmen who have volunteered their time to give their fellowship to the new students and answer any questions they may have. And of course, we are all looking to have a good time while enjoying what the area has to offer!

Speaker Series

The Millersville University Chapter of the American Meteorology Society is proud to present an all-star lineup of professional speakers from all avenues of meteorology at Millersville each semester. We pride ourselves in the variety of speakers from a vast number of meteorological fields we attract to speak at our university. From learning about graduate school to how to get a broadcast job on TV, our speaker series helps our members learn everything about their potential career fields and grow as students and professionals.


Weather Watch

Weather Watch is Millersville University’s exclusive weather entertainment web-show run entirely by student meteorologists. We go beyond the forecast to inform and enlighten our viewers about the world of weather around them.

Our goal at Weather Watch is to provide professional quality programming to the general public that is both educational and entertaining. We like to think of it as exposing the science behind weather in a format that everyone can enjoy.


Space Weather

Founded as a subsection of the Millersville University Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, the Millersville Space Weather Group promotes research and education in heliophysics and space weather. The Space Weather Group is currently conducting research and testing of high-altitude balloon payloads to measure solar flux in the upper atmosphere to further our understanding of the Earth-Sun system.


Community Outreach

A primary goal of the 2019-2020 officers is to raise community awareness about meteorology. In order to accomplish this task, we are striving to expand our audience throughout the Lower Susquehanna Valley, beginning on campus and continuing into area elementary and middle schools with our educational outreach programs.

Public Weather Awareness Day

The annual Millersville University Public Weather Awareness Day is an afternoon full of celebrating and experiencing everything about the weather. This event is designed for children and families, free and open to the general public.

Come produce your own weathercast in front of a green screen, participate in a trivia contest, see hands-on demonstrations, cool weather-related experiments and more. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with people who make a living forecasting and watching the weather every day!