Speaker Series

Past Speakers


Lt Jeffery Pereira, NOAA Corps: Careers in NOAA Corps
Dr. John Scala, MetFORENSICS: Forensic Meteorology
Alan Cope, NWS Mt. Holly: National Weather Service Careers
Evan Lowery, Weather Trends International: Persistance in a Difficult Field
Peter Mullinax, Planalytics: Private Sector Meteorology
H. Michael Mogil, How the Weatherworks: Cloud Watching from the Ground Up
Timothy Marshall, Haag Engineering: Tornado Damage Assessment and the TWIRL Project (Banquet)


Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency (LEMA): Mr. David Boucher: spoke about the relationships between Emergency Managers & Meteorologists
AccuWeather: Expert Senior Meteorologist & Forecaster Hiring Coordinator David Dombek along with Senior MeteorologistFrank Strait; internships opportunities & future employment
NWS Forecast Office Philadelphia/Mt. Holly: Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) Joe Miketta; internship opportunities & employment within the NWS
Peace Corps: Gregg McCambley (MU Alum) spoke about his experiences & future opportunities
Earth Resources Technology (ERT): Ken Carey, Vice President, Science and Engineering Business Units; shared words of wisdom, experience, and future opportunities.
Center for Severe Weather Research (CSWR): Dr. Josh Wurman, founder of the non-profit research institution along with a Doppler on Wheels (DOW)
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR): Director Dr. Jim Hurrell keynote speaker at our 17th Annual Russell L. DeSouza Banquet
United State Air Force: Curtis L. Jones, SSGT, USAF; future opportunities and possible employment 


Paul Kocin, HPC: Winter Storms Through The Decades (10/26/2011)
Dave Dombek and Eric Pindrock, AccuWeather Inc.: Life at AccuWeather (11/2/2011) 
Peter Jung, NWS State College: SKYWARN Training (3/21/2012)
Ken Carey, Noblis: Mentoring in Meteorology (4/18/2012)
Louis Uccellini, AMS President & Director of NCEP:The Past, Present and Future of NCEP (Banquet, 5/4/2012)


John Watchter: (10/13/2010)
Rick Schwartz: Hurricanes in the Mid-Atlantic (10/27/10)
Hampton University: (11/10/10)
Mark Miller, Program Manager for NOAA NextGen Weather Program:
Greg Zarus, Supervisory Scientist at Centers for Disease Control and Mayor of Pine Lake, Georgia


NWS CTP: (9/30/09)
Planalytics: Computer Science and Meteorology (10/21/09)
Dr. James Miller: (11/11/2009)
Melissa Burt, CSU Grad Student & Diversity Manager at CMMAP: Grad School Opportunities (3/31/10)


Tom Russell & Paul Lynch, CBS 21 (3/11/09)
Chuck Doswell, CIMMS/University of Oklahoma (2/25/09)
Paul Kocin, NCEP (2/18/09)
Joe Bastardi, Accu-Weather (10/22/08)
Eugene Clothiaux, Penn State: "Opportunities in Grad School" (10/8/08)
Ken Carey, Noblis: "Mentoring in Meteorology" (9/24/08)


Frank Lombardo, Weatherworks: "Working in Forensic Meteorology" (9/17/07)
Louis Uccellini, NWS/NCEP: "NCEP Update: Getting Ready for Winter" (10/17/07)
Richard Grumm, NWS-CTP: "Ensemble Forecasting at the NWS" (11/14/07)
Pamela Heinselman, NSSL: "Phased Array Radar" (3/20/07)
Lance Bosart, SUNY-Albany: "Modern Weather Forecasting" (Banquet, 4/16/07)